Volunteer Committees

Volunteer Committees

​Our deepest thanks to our New Mexico International School parent volunteers who head up our Committees for the donation of their time and efforts. Parent involvement is an integral part of success of NMIS. If you are interested in joining a committee, click on the committee name below to contact the chaiperson via email.

,,School Advisory Committee (SAC)

Chair: Stacey Adams
Co-Chair: Nancy Abeyta

The SAC serves multiple functions. It advises the Head of School on matters relevant to the school community so the Head can make informed decisions. It also oversees other parent committees, as well as various programs and events of the school. It also serves in an official capacity certain required roles per statute and PED regulations (for example, School Health Advisory Committee, School Bilingual Education Advisory Committee, School Gifted Education Advisory Committee, etc.). In addition, the SAC has a liaison that serves as a non-voting member on the school’s Governing Council. For more information on the SAC, click on “Governance” and then “School Advisory Committee” in the toolbar to the left. Or go to www.nmis.org/ee/governance/sac


Library Committee

Email: nmkatecunningham@gmail.com

Chair: Kate Cunningham
Co-Chair: Cara Morris
Promotes the donating of items for the NMIS student library and maintains a library management system. Also coordinates team of volunteers to manage library during weekly visits by classrooms. Two subcommittees (Scholastic and Usborne) coordinate book fairs and book orders to raise funds that go towards school library purchases.

Yearbook Committee

Chair: Anna Martinez
Acquires vendors for the production and distribution of the NMIS School Yearbook. Also researches professional photographers for school photos and makes recommendation to Head of School.

After School Program Committee

Chair: Shonesha Rogers
Co-Chair: vacant – we need you! Contact chair to volunteer
Finds volunteers and vendors to teach our Enrichment Classes. Also assists in the coordination of the classes and enrollment.

Scholastic Subcommittee, Chair: Chistel Reynolds

Usborne Subcommittee, Chair: Crystal Spain


Volunteers and Committee Organizational Chart

The below chart details how various committees relate to other committees in the school, as well as to whom the volunteer or committee reports.  Green committees are NMIS staff members only while blue committees are open to volunteer participation.  Note that all volunteers that are on campus during school hours are required to have a current NMIS Volunteer Clearance.  See subsequent pages for details on the roles of each of these volunteers and committees.

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