Background Check

Level II Background Check Instructions

1.   Go to

2.   Under the “Applicant Use” choose “Register Online for Background Check

3.   Choose Payment Method (Online or **Money Order)

• If paying by money order, you will take a $44.00 Money Order made payable to “3M Cogent” with you when you go to get fingerprinted and will leave the payment with the Fingerprinting Technician.

4.   If you do not currently reside in New Mexico, click on the box next to Out of State Applications ONLY

5.   At ORI, select ’ORI Lookup’. Scroll down until you see what is below and double click on it.

6.   Complete the rest of the form with your information and select ‘Next’.

7.   A Registration ID is issued at the last page completion of registration

• Keep your Registration ID safe! You will need to give this number to the Fingerprint Technician in order to be fingerprinted.

8.   Find a 3M Cogent Fingerprinting location to get your fingerprinting done by going to this link: and selecting “Fingerprint Location Map” under “Useful Information

9.   When you go to get fingerprinted, take your:
         a. Registration ID
         b. Valid Photo Id
         c. $44 Money Order if you did not pay online to a 3M Cogent Fingerprinting Site

                   i. The fingerprint technician will fingerprint you via Livescan

                  ii. You will not receive any fingerprint cards back.

It will take approximately one week for the results to be delivered to NMIS. Please call the receptionist to find out when your results come in.  After we get your results there will be Volunteer paperwork to complete to finalize your Volunteer eligibility.


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